Mission & Values


We work to create sustainable, robust communities today with the hope that everyone in those communities can fully enjoy a bright, healthy future.

DCG is more than a real estate company.

Established in 2005, DCG provides commercial real estate advice, planning and services to community-benefit organizations. Over the years, we have partnered with hundreds of organizations — including school districts, faith communities, local governments and non-profit organizations — that have unique needs and opportunities, if they only had the right advisors to help them through the process.  Through these partnerships, DCG has helped provide much-needed resources to strengthen these organizations and their work in the world. That’s what we call a “win-win.”


Our Mission

At DCG, we transform real estate into resources for community-based organizations. We do this by partnering with clients to align their mission objectives and the realities of the real estate market through expert advising, property planning, and real estate services.

Our Values

Our core values are vital to the foundation of an ethical business model and are integral in attaining community prosperity for our partners and the constituents they represent. We commit to:

  • Understand and prioritize the needs, goals and values of our partners.
  • Work in partnership with organizational leaders to identify goals and opportunities, and realize a shared vision.
  • Honor the best interests of community-based organizations and their constituents by adopting a holistic beginning-to-end approach to the real estate process that includes long-range strategic planning.
  • Provide an understanding, knowledgeable alternative to commercial real estate development companies.
  • Emphasize ethical and transparent transactions that consistently protect our partners’ interests and foster long-term relationships with community leaders.
  • Continuously hold ourselves to a high standard of client care while offering unflagging support to our partners throughout the process.

At DCG, we strive toward our full potential, and we always offer our clients the best version of ourselves. Every DCG team member puts forth constant effort to further our professional, interpersonal, spiritual and intellectual development. Our commitment to public service and the greater good is not a job; it’s our vocation.

Through our real estate investment services, we at DCG hope that by optimizing opportunities and resources for our community-based clients, we can help create long-term gains that benefit and strengthen the communities we serve. We work to create sustainable, robust communities today with the hope that everyone in those communities can fully enjoy a bright, healthy future tomorrow and for many years to come.

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