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Advocating for our clients’ interests

Our real estate consultants have helped many property owners sitting on underutilized or unused real estate assets maximize those resources to benefit the mission of their organization.

Your real estate is special. So you need specialized advice.

Even though your organization isn’t a business, your real estate is considered “commercial” and requires skilled planning, management and development. Like any business, education institutions, faith communities, local governments, and nonprofits often face financial issues that the right management of your real estate could help alleviate. Yet, we find our clients often feel lost about knowing where to start.



At Dutra Cerro Graden (DCG), our team of professionals offers expert commercial real estate consulting services and strategic planning to help your organization best use your assets in accordance with your mission. We take time to listen and understand your values. And then we tailor our advice to consider the unique needs of each client, ensuring that we stay true to your organization’s values while benefitting your community. Our people take a broad view of every real estate situation, factoring in your long-term goals, financial complexities, mission, vision and other vital aspects to offer you community-minded real estate advice.

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Aligning Your Real Estate Assets with Your Mission

Our real estate consultants have helped many property owners sitting on underutilized or unused real estate assets maximize those resources to benefit the mission of their organization. DCG’s professionals can help you craft a plan for your real estate investment that meshes with the stability and success of your group both now and for years to come.

By working in partnership with you, our team of trusted consultants can:

  • Help you think about your goals in a way that lets us better identify commercial real estate opportunities and strategies that can help you meet those goals
  • Ensure that you have the surrounding community’s support for your decision
  • Look at new sources of revenue in context with all of your budgetary needs, as well as the long-term plans you hold for your mission
  • Offer advice on how your real estate investment can be used to increase (rather than jeopardize) your organization’s financial stability

Success Story

The Salesian Society is a religious order founded in the late nineteenth century, and giving back to the community is central to its mission. The group faced the challenge of a marked decrease in charitable giving coupled with an increase in requested assistance. They needed to find a real estate solution that would allow them to continue their mission while addressing their budgetary needs.

Read more about how the DCG team helped the Salesian Society to leverage their real estate assets and pursue alternate land use strategies, bringing much-needed revenue back to the order.

More than Commercial Real Estate Consulting

At DCG, our people do more than provide commercial real estate consulting services. We believe in serving mission-driven organizations to help build and maintain sustainable, vibrant communities. By partnering with our clients to understand their organizational mission, the real estate professionals at DCG can respond to each client’s (and each project’s) unique concerns to help you secure a bright future.

When the team members at DCG work for you, we’re committed to finding the best outcome for you and your organization alone rather than offering generic, off-the-shelf advice. Our comprehensive real estate consulting services form the foundation of a cooperative, long-term partnership that works to protect your interests, honor your decisions and offer expert guidance that advances your organization. The DCG professionals build and foster long-term relationships to ensure that our clients and the communities that they serve continue to thrive.

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