Property Planning

Real property. Real value.

Through rezoning, subdividing and repurposing property, a parcel can increase in value which you can leverage in a variety of ways.

Your property has value. Let us show you how to leverage it.

Your real estate is not a static investment.

Its value can increase with the right management and development and through rezoning, subdividing and repurposing your property, you can leverage your real estate and use it to achieve your organization’s goals.

At DCG we know that the first step is often the hardest, so our first priority is to help you articulate the vision you want to bring to life, by showing you all the possible ways you can use your investment. We’ll help you develop a plan that focuses on the future and reflects your core values, while ensuring that any financial or long-term goals for your real estate development project are being met.

Real estate is not a static investment. The active management and creative development of real estate assets can play an important role in achieving your organization’s mission. And through rezoning, subdividing and repurposing property, a parcel can increase in value which you can leverage in a variety of ways.

Our team can help you:

  • Estimate the value of an existing or prospective property
  • Develop a comprehensive analysis of potential property improvements, alternative uses and financial benefits
  • Come up with a long-term plan that is in line with the mission of your organization
  • Provide entitlement services to meet any necessary regulations with the right permits and approvals for land use and development
  • Plan your project in a positive way that’s supported by your community
  • Coordinate your project from beginning to end

Success Story

The Beard Road Development Project in Fremont, CA, started out as a blighted parcel on a busy street corner, stuck in development limbo due to the uncertain historical significance of some older structures on the property. The city’s density laws and zoning for the parcel added more complexity to the question of whether the parcel could be used for residential development.

Read more about how DCG brought together a nearby church, history experts and a local residential development company to create a very successful, multi-phase residential subdivision.

Real Management. Real People.

The people at DCG are more than just project managers, real estate agents or your typical bunch of “consultants.” We fill the role of trusted advisor and partner for our clients, gathering together a team of experienced professionals ranging from urban designers and planners to architects and engineers. With the benefit of this varied, invaluable expertise at your disposal, we can all work together as an integrated team to help you meet your project goals.


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