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DCG is committed to using its talents and passion to help build and strengthen communities – this includes providing information and insight leaders need to make the best decisions for their organizations.


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DCG Church Leadership Series

Having worked with faith leaders across the state, we understand the constant pressure for your time and attention. As such, we have created a Church Leadership Series as a resource for our clients, to help you understand in greater detail the important role your real estate assets can play in helping meet your ministry goals today and into the future. You have the option to attend events live or view on-demand:

Frame Your Future: How Church Leaders Use Real Estate As A Resource To Multiply Their Ministry

Whether your ministry is growing or contracting this is a can’t miss session to equip you with valuable information that will help position you to make wise decisions about the future.

  • Explore the potential their land may provide to resource their growth or ministry objectives
  • Navigate a process across varied stakeholders, agendas and communities
  • Realize the financial and ministry benefits through strategic property analysis and transaction

Know Before You Sow: Exploring Residential Housing As Part of Your Ministry

If you are exploring the use of church property to develop affordable housing for ministry staff, seniors, veterans or other groups, articulating your vision can be easier than executing it. The process is complicated and fraught with unknowns. Developers often have their own agenda, and commercial brokers don’t have the time or expertise to understand how to blend your ministry with their real estate objectives. In this complimentary webinar, church leaders will learn how to make long-term strategic decisions that are right for your community and your finances.

UPCOMING: Beyond the Numbers: Exploring the California Real Estate Market for Churches

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