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You can feel confident that we’ll research all your options, offer expert advice and work as closely with you as in-house staff to guide you and the options you choose.

School property can provide significant resources for your district.

Whether you’re looking for new school land or have an underutilized piece of school property that you need to sell or repurpose, you know that the real estate market for educational institutions can be tricky to navigate. Managing the deals and finances can be technically challenging, even for a seasoned business officer. And of course, navigating the politics and regulatory restrictions in school-related real estate in a sensitive manner just adds another layer of complexity to the process.

Buying, building, planning or selling a school site can all have a major impact on the local area and the community, and the community. The “softer side” of property planning and facilities assessments need to be considered just as seriously as the measurable metrics of your transaction. Do you really have the time and resources to make the transaction a success, on top of all your day-to-day tasks? The team of professionals at Dutra Cerro Graden (DCG) takes a committed, comprehensive approach to real estate decision-making, especially when it comes to school districts, community college districts, private schools, and other education institutions. We can help you get a deal done right and on time. At DCG, we specialize in providing ethical, community-minded real estate guidance throughout the entire process. Please get in touch to learn more, or call us today at 925-479-1350.

Community Focus and Industry Expertise

School land can be your most valuable resource, but the process of converting property ownership into an active asset takes time and industry expertise. At DCG, our team helps you:

  • Assess your property to determine the market value of your land and facilities
  • Look for leasing opportunities that can bring in revenue and benefit the community
  • Research whether sale proceeds can be transferred into your general fund
  • Coordinate with regulatory boards to ensure that your project meets any mandated guidelines
  • Help encourage community engagement among involved parties, including parents and the public
  • Work toward cooperative partnerships with state and local government
  • Develop workforce housing to utilize your assets to recruit and retain teachers and staff


Success Story

Chabot-Las Positas Community College District wanted to know if they should take advantage of the potential opportunity offered by the 2008 economic downturn to relocate into an office building located more conveniently near public transportation. Not only would this reduce their carbon footprint, but reconfiguring their facility could also expand their educational services more easily to those who needed them most, along with providing much-needed revenue to the district through building lease opportunities.

Read more about how DCG helped the district meet its goals, and formed a long-term relationship in the process that continues to this day.

A Positive Real Estate Alternative

The real estate professionals at DCG believe that finding the perfect solution for your educational facilities should feel nothing like “business as usual.” Our goal is not only to provide a welcome alternative to the typical commercial real estate firm, but also to work as a committed partner for community-minded organizations like yours.

When you work with us, your interests will be protected with the help of our comprehensive consulting, property planning and real estate services. You can feel confident that we’ll research all your options, offer expert advice, and work as closely with you as in-house staff to guide you and your staff through the options you choose. We help to mitigate and manage risk throughout the process.

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