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Building Stronger Communities, Together

“The professional team at DCG is dedicated to delivering results that will help promote successful, sustainable communities for many years to come.”

City or county property is more than a resource. It’s your responsibility.

As the national economy continues its rebound from the 2008 Great Recession, your local economy may be growing at rates that are faster or slower than national trends. You may have surplus land or other underutilized real estate investments that can aid in your city’s plan for the future, and we find that many of our clients lack the time and knowledge to expertly manage these resources or increase the utility of their property. Many cities, agencies and municipalities like yours are sitting on unused assets, and stand to financially benefit from strategic real estate planning.


The team of professionals at Dutra Cerro Graden (DCG) is committed to helping local governments and agencies optimize their assets and make wise decisions about their real estate investments. DCG considers your finances, the role of your agency and its long-term goals, offering community-minded strategic planning services to ensure the best possible outcome for government and agency real estate development.

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Optimizing Your Assets

An important role of local government and related agencies is building resilient communities, which is no small task. It can be difficult to know what to do with your real estate assets in order to generate the highest level of benefits for your community. We can help you envision the big picture and understand the full potential that your real estate investment represents.

DCG’s commercial real estate consulting services can help identify your local government or agency’s underutilized assets, and we can aid in developing a smart, comprehensive long-term plan in accordance with relevant regulatory guidelines will still offering measurable benefits.

Our team of professionals can help you:

  • Identify goals and opportunities that can be met through commercial real estate transactions.
  • Determine the current value of existing property.
  • Develop a plan that optimizes the use of your assets. This could include redevelopment, historic revitalization projects, other community-specific focuses or land liquidation to fund community objectives.
  • Encourage public interest both locally and in surrounding areas.
  • Plan your project in a positive way that’s supported by your community.
  • Coordinate your project from beginning to end.


In the News

The 21st century presents new forces that will shape the public sector, as technology merges with shifting demographics. As a result, a growing number of mixed-use developments in local governments is taking place–and that’s not a bad thing.

Read more to learn about how governments are encouraging mixed-use developments.

More than Project Management

The professional team at DCG is dedicated to delivering results that will help promote successful, sustainable communities for many years to come. Our project managers, consultants and real estate advisors form a unified team of experienced professionals to bring your project to its best possible outcome. Together with your entity, our integrated team works closely with you and your staff to help realize your objectives and maximize your real estate investment opportunity.

When you partner with DCG, you’re entrusting your property to a business that prides itself on putting people first. We believe in building and fostering long-term relationships with our clients and will always work to protect your interests. DCG is committed to providing a positive alternative to typical commercial real estate development services, and in keeping your organization’s and your community’s best interests as our top priority.

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